Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dr. Hardy Surgery

Mike left around 12 as he had things to do at home, but invited me for supper.
Mom phoned at 1218 and she had had a visit from both Dr. Hardy and Dr. Tom. They told her she would be having surgery unless an emergency came in but they would keep her apprised. We didn't talk too long. My plan was to go over later and I forgot to ask her what her new room number was.

Later came around and I called Mom to find out what her room number was. No answer. I thought maybe she was in the washroom, or out for a walk. I called again and still no answer. I don't think I considered that they had taken her away to surgery? I thought she was going to call when they came for her, but perhaps they whisked her away quickly.

I was due for dinner at Mike's house so I made my way there. We had a good dinner. Halfway through dinner I heard my phone beep that someone had called. When dinner was done I picked up my phone to discover an unknown number AND a voicemail. I think adrenaline might have kicked in a bit when I heard the doctor on the line saying that surgery was done as expected, there were no surprises and that Mom was in the recovery room. I guess I was also a little upset because I wasn't expecting that. I called Beth to let her know Mom was out of surgery.

I got to the hospital around 1830 and Mom was not actually back to her room yet. There were two nurses waiting outside her room for her as she was on her way.

I knew they weren't going to be able to use her port for the anesthesia, and they ended up having to put the IV in a weird spot on her inner wrist. So it is a little tender. In fact Mom overall is a little tender. Her pain level was an 8 upon returning to the room, but she was hooked up to a PCA so she was in control of her pain management. They have given her lots of gravol in an attempt to thwart the nausea and vomitting that Mom tends to have to endure post-op let alone as a side effect to morphine. I hope it works...

Beth showed up not long after I did and we waited in the hall while they finished setting my Mom up in the room. Mom's breathing was ok when she breathes through her nose, but they put a mask on her because she's a mouth breather when she sleeps and her oxygen levels decrease a bit.

Diane then showed up! So we were all there to offer our support while she rested post-op. Mom didn't talk much, mainly slept(except when I woke her to get her to take some breaths), but she did ask if Dr. Hardy called me when surgery was over, and I let her know I brought his book for him to sign. Us visitors didn't stay too late. I woke Mom to say goodnight and that I loved her and we were all gone by 2030 so Mom could return to sleeping. Upon leaving 18mg of morphine had been pumped at ~2mg intervals.

I'm relieved nothing bad happened during surgery, especially considering she is a chemotherapy patient.