Saturday, July 3, 2010


Went and got a haircut this AM - not quite the haircut I gave Mom a few days ago. Afterwards went to the Market with Mike. He's home now, Yay! I have my tower back!

After the market we decided to go up to the hospital to see Mom. She wasn't in her room when we got there so I thought maybe they had taken her down into surgery but she was just out wandering. I didn't check the back visiting room, so Michael and I got out exercise walking down to the main entrance again. We wandered into the gift shop (Mom likes to peruse through there) and then headed back up to the room. This time I decided that we would take the elevator back up... :). Got back to the unit and I could see Mom's shoes on the floor so I knew she was in her room now. I popped my head around the curtain and surprised her with my hair cut then summoned Mike over from the other waiting room. We then went to the back waiting room and visited for a bit. Mike told his funny story about meeting Elvis Stojko at the Toronto Airport. He said: "You're alot shorter in person, Elvis" and Elvis turned around (looking average height level and had to look up and said "Dude! anyone is short next to you! Then they shook hands and all went on their way.

Didn't stay too long, Mom was getting settled for surgery and what not and expected they wanted to start an IV soon, so we decided to let her relax. On my way out I checked at the nurses station to approximately how long the surgery would take and found out that the Doctor wasn't going to be able to perform it today. Perhaps tomorrow. More waiting, and that's OK, it wasn't scheduled it was slotted as emergency surgery, someone more critical must have come in.

After visiting Mom, we went over and visited with Mike's Grandparents for awhile and then came back to the house. Our plan now is to head out to "The Rock" a new restaurant in town and then maybe rent or go to a movie. We'll see about the movie. I am feeling pretty tired at the moment.