Monday, July 5, 2010

20 hrs Post-Surgery

I opted to not go to work today, rainy day anyway, not that it matters at a greenhouse as you are inside mostly. I went up and saw Mom instead.

She was pretty groggy and sleepy still. That is to be expected. At least she is not vomitting her empty guts out this time. Only has a wee bit of nausea. She has vomitted twice so far. Once prior to my arrival when they made her sit up for something and then once while Diane and I were there. Not really sure what brought it on, perhaps a bit too much excitement. I could see it coming though, she got a headache suddenly. Of course there isn't anything in her guts to bring up except the ice chips she is sucking on for some hydration on top of her IV, so it's more like dry heaves.

Diane didn't stay too long- it was nice of her to stop by.

Mom actually doesn't remember that the three of us visiting her yesterday right after surgery. I keep telling her bits of stuff. One recount about when she said she thought it was 1630(rather than the actual time of 1930) was familiar, but so far nothing else.

A physiotherapist came by, checked her lungs and encouraged her to get moving to increase motility. Mom even sat up for her and didn't vomit. The physiotherapist didn't push her too hard though. She knew Mom was feeling nauseated. She said she would be back tomorrow and they would go for a walk.

Beth showed up around 1600 and visited for a bit.

We really just let Mom sleep. That's what she needs today. She is still hooked up to her PCA and has used up to 56mg of Morphine as of 1700.

Tomorrow will be better.