Saturday, July 10, 2010

High Pressure and Landscaping

Preparing a bit of a surprise for Mom when she gets out of the hospital, so spent most of the day doing that. I already showed her three surprises (a water barrel, new tree and a flag holder).

Decided we would build a plot around the new tree so Mike and I worked on that today in the rain. It wasn't coming down too hard so we were able to get one of the plots done.

The plan is to fill the plot with the tree, and the one in front of the window with wood chips.
Tired Mike out as you can see by the last photo.

Went up and saw Mom. Still feels nauseated, but hasn't vomited and has eaten some thicker foods, so that is promising. Bad news is her blood pressure is up. While I was there the nurse came in for vitals and it was 170/102. They have her on some BP meds but they aren't bringing it down any so... ? Mom is psychologically tired and worn out with being in the hospital. Topping it off they were prepping the bed beside her today for a new patient so Mom asked what the gender of the new patient was... Guess what? it was Male! So glad the unit had a learning experience from the last time they tried? Mom offered to move her bed into the wash closet. She is really hoping to get out tomorrow and she is concerned with a lot of things which isn't good for her BP either. Beth came and visited her today and she spoke with Grandma, and her brother and sister.

My suspicion is that Mom will not be released from hospital tomorrow unless she discharges herself.