Monday, July 12, 2010

Road Rash

Finished the front yard today. The crows were cawing above our heads so I decided to thrown a pine cone at them.... stumbled on the edge on the lawn and gave myself a bit of road rash from the road on my palms and one leg, failed miserably at that attempt.

Mom was alright today. Was just finishing eating when I arrived. Actually had solids!!
She's off her IV, so one step closer!
Mom is supposed to have bloodwork done in the morning - just to make sure everything is looking good and the ET is also supposed to come with Mom's supplies.

I told Mom to blame the noises on fido. She thought that was a good one.

Went for a good walk this evening, but I am sure she was very tired after the fact. Hopefully she sleeps well. The Dr. will be in in the morning and we'll see then about discharge. 23 days.