Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Set back

Well the plan didn't become the action after I left last night and today was not better.

I got there at approx 1730, Diane was there, and Mom has a massive headache, hasn't even been out of bed since Sunday, is apparently still suffering from nausea, isn't having her pain managed properly (her PCA is done). I'll be the first to admit I'm a little bit pissed about this. I don't care how nauseated my Mom is, she needs to get up. She's been in this hospital for 2.5 weeks now. I don't know what is going on, but I know there is more going on than just nausea and pain. Oh! The one bonus is that they moved her IV into her port.

So I set a goal, get Mom UP, OUT of bed and moving, since the nursing staff hasn't done it - I have to do it BEFORE I leave tonight.

I heard the evening nurse say that when she came on she recognized that Mom was in a lot of pain so she started her on pain meds and was in the act of doing the catch up and getting my Mom stable. I can do nothing but appreciate what she did in the 3hrs it took to turn Mom around. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

She gave Mom IV maxeran at 1836 and at the same time she talked to Mom about taking out her foley (as it was supposed to come out earlier today). It was agreed that the foley would come out and that they would put a commode near her bed so she could pee without having to go far- but the way I looked at it, at least she'd be getting up and going a couple steps, and so what if she was nauseated. If she needs to puke, puke.

Around 1910 I try and wake Mom. I take the cloth off her head and prod her hand. She was in a pretty deep sleep but eventually woke up. I wasn't beating around the bush anymore, she said something about just letting her lay there and that's when I gave the push. She needed to get up, so she could A) prove to them she was Ok B) get eating FOOD (because she is not allowed to eat anything yet except ice) and C) Get the hell out of the hospital.

She got up, we went for a walk, sat in the atrium for a bit and she told me there was an incident. Suddenly EVERYTHING makes sense.

I don't know what retard thought patients would be ok with roommates of the opposite sex, but not all people are Ok with that. You would think you would at least check with the patient before hand to see if it was ok instead of just wheeling in the patient.
So end result, Mom speaks with the charge nurse (who she has known for how many years?), male pt is moved, female one brought in.

Mom gets WRECKED over the whole incident. Making herself ill over it in fact. Which I would tend to lean towards as the cause of the extreme headache and nausea.
Surgery has NOT made Mom sick this time, so the nausea bit isn't adding up for me. Not that I am doubting she feels like crap. If anything I would bet the nausea is from the pain medicine they are giving her. There are very few she reacts well to.

We sit for a bit longer in the atrium and then we head back - Mom has ZERO energy because of the fact she isn't allowed to eat yet (and that is just procedure after colostomies). Hoping maybe tomorrow her diet changes? I can't remember what Beth said for time line.

I thought the nurse would be coming around right away to do checks but it was getting later and later and Mom was more and more tired so I went out to the desk and asked to have Mom's nurse sent in to remove the foley (as per the agreement).

There's this nurse I went to high school with on the surgical unit, she STILL rubs me the wrong way. It's fine if you have a degree in nursing-congratulations, but it sure didn't give you a degree in humanity or intelligence. Quit talking down to people, and taking charge of other peoples patients. I asked to speak with MY Mom's nurse, not you. She steam rolls in to see my Mom and talks her out of the foley removal until 0600. Stupid. Hope there isn't complications from that now!

So I said goodnight to Mom, because nothing was going to take place now.
What a retarded unit.
You want people to get healthy? Treat them like people and pay attention.

It's like the patient in the bed next to Mom. She is telling them her foley is causing her extreme pain when she moves (yes I realize they cause some discomfort, but you aren't hearing what I am hearing). The are shrugging it off as the patient not handling it well and because fluid is flowing correctly - so it must be in the right position. Retarded.

Not happy. Not impressed. Will I go to work tomorrow? Or to the hospital?