Friday, July 2, 2010

Last Will

Today is two weeks that Mom is in hospital. Full fluids for 90% of the time she has been there.

Did you know TV costs 8 - 11 dollars PER Day there? So when you think about it you are paying $110 for "premium" shaw cable for TEN days. That is highway robbery considering you can get home cable for THIRTY days for less than that.

Mom has to have more surgery.

She is booked for an "emergency" colostomy.

I went up and visited her this evening, we filled out a temporary last will and testament as the last one she had done was when I was a minor and very out of date. We also filled out a living will. Boy this was rough, it wasn't too bad for me until we had to go get 3 witnesses. That's when I broke down a bit.

The plan is for her to call me tomorrow as soon as she gets the call for surgery.
Things will progress quickly as soon as she gets the call as it will be performed by the On-Call physician, but I hope to be able to make it to the hospital and see her off to surgery.

I'm glad that she will finally have some relief.
The video we watched really expressed how much relief the patients have, and quite frankly since December, Mom has been having manageable problems.