Friday, July 9, 2010

A lesson

Today was another up day. I really hope it isn't down tomorrow.

Had my first lesson today with the ET nurse and Mom's second. Pretty straight forward.
Mom has a bit of drainage from her staples, but the line looks good and some of them are starting to pop. Also has a bit of drainage on the bottom edge of her stoma which we will be keeping an eye on.

Mom seemed to be feeling better for the most part. They are stopping the flagyl as it may be giving her some of the nausea, but are continuing with the cipro for now. Also put in an order for a new set of bloodwork to see how Mom's levels are.

The ET nurse came around 1030 and was there awhile.
Then we went for a short walk and sat in the seating area and watched a bit of TV. Penny, Mabel and Sonja popped by while we were in the sitting area so we visited for a bit until Mom got too tired.
When we got back to the room, Dr. Graham showed up to check on Mom, and then Dr. Hardy showed up.
She had a lot of activity today ...and I know she was exhausted when I left around 1300. Hopefully Mom got some sleep, not too many more visitors and is keeping stuff down.

It rained pretty good here around 1600 and then quit. Brought the temp down a wee bit but has since quit raining and the temp has gone back up.