Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Static condition

Went up to the hospital today, no new change really.

Mom was actually out of her room for a walk. Funny thing she had written on the whiteboard she was going for a walk at 1900 but forgot her bed number! Good thing I know her handwritting.

Her chic hospital gown and housecoat were laying on the bed so I knew she was in her street clothes - it's a good thing I remembered to bring her some pants back last week!

I found her downstairs in the gift shop looking at all the knick knacks. She loves looking at them all, but really has no need for those "dust collectors" as she calls them. Then we sat outside on the benches in front of the doors and watched the storm come in as she updated me on her day.

A dietician had come to see Mom as per her request for a consult and as per Mom's request they changed her diet to high fibre. I understand why she wanted it, she's probably really sick of her full fluid diet and wants stuff with sustinance, however jumping from full fluids to high fibre (which can and does include corn) is and was not the best idea or decision. Mom ended up paying a bit for that one and had some abdominal pain again. Thank goodness for pain meds.

Our fresh air was interupted by raindrops and wind. It looked really beautiful coming down, the sun was shining from the east reflecting in the rain drops like diamonds onto a dark sky into the east and the wind was blowing the swedish aspens. We made our way to the overhang at the main doors and watched the torrential rain come down with people who were wanting to go to their vehicles.

When we got back to the room we discovered that Dr. Ferries had come to talk to Mom, but as she wasn't there would come back tomorrow. Dr. Graham came and checked in with her around 21:30 and put some things into perspective, that her abdomen was going on now and the chest had been going on for awhile.

Mom's hair is coming out by the handful now, and it's hurting alot so my plan is to bring the hair clippers tomorrow.