Monday, June 21, 2010


Sat most of the afternoon and evening with Mom again. We watch TV and socialized. Brought Mom's pillow and socks and underwear and other comfort things to make things easier for her stay in hospital. Even brought her some sudoku and books/mags for her to read. Not that she feels much like reading.

She finally passed her constipation this AM. Finally. After 6 days. She is due for another CT scan to see what is going on now that she won't be full. Now it will be a battle over the next few days to regain regularity.

Mom also go her port-o-cath inserted today so that she can receive chemotherapy through that instead of them fighting to find IV access. It gives her arms a little more freedom too, without a needle in it.

The dilaudid that Mom has been given for her pain is doing an excellent job. The question now is will she respond to antibiotics for the abscess in her intestine.

Dr. Ferris is away but will hopefully be back soon.
Dr. Graham is taking great care of Mom and Dr. Hovan has been into see her as well.