Friday, June 18, 2010


I could hear Mom get up this morning around 0900 and I was up the stairs pretty quick to see how she looked. I urged Mom to call the clinic immediately. I had an appointment with the Chiropractor at 0950 so I left for that and said I would be back in a bout 20 minutes. While I was gone around 0955 Mom called the cancer clinic and speaks with NP informing her of nausea and vomitting, but not severity of abdominal pain. NP says to come in so Mom can at least get some fluids.

It took quite awhile for Mom to feel good enough to get in the car and go to the hospital. She feels like she is going to throw up but at around 1130 Mom is "stable" enough to get in the car. We bring a bucket in case she does need to get sick. I go to the directly to the hospital Cancer centre, park illegaly and I escort her into the treatment room. I leave to park the car. Unfortunetly the Cancer Centre staff were only under the idea that Mom was dehydrated, suffering from nausea and vomitting but were unaware of her abdominal pain. A younger nurse was unable to start an IV in her three times(causing Mom GREAT pain) at which point Mom asked for the nurse who started it on Tuesday. She came over and was successful on the second attempt. Fluids were started immediately while assessment of her condition made.

I had to leave for a bit and cry as the stress of the past couple days came out. At this point I was just happy that she was somewhere she could be being taken care of. They drew blood and results came back telling them she was fighting an infection so they started her on flagyl.

The NP recommended dilaudid as a pain medication due to the adverse reactions Mom has to Morphine, demerol and codeine and thankfully mom's pain began to decrease - without vomitting. Of course the pain meds only mask the problem but at least she can breathe and have a proper heart rate while the doctors figure out what to do for her.

While my mom rested I called and spoke with Mike, let him know Mom was being admitted and that I couldn't wait for him to come home. I also spoke with Beth (as she coincidentaly called) and I let her know Mom was being admitted.

We went down to CT and then waited for admission.
Around 1630 Mom was admitted up onto Unit 32 into the Palliative Unit (but only because that is the only bed they could find).