Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blood levels

Got to the hospital today and made it a foot into Mom's room before she kicked me out and told me I needed to wear a mask.

I guess her blood work is a little low. Due in part to chemo I bet, the mask is for her protection so I don't give her an infection.

I question though why the nurse on evenings didn't have to wear one? Afterall the day nurse wore one? Is it because the day nurse knows Mom and maybe cares more about her? The thing about being a nurse and not needing a mask is a load of crap. She see's more people in the hospital and is exposed to far more bacteria than I am. I didn't complain about wearing a mask. Those were the rules. Just because you don't like to wear one doesn't make you exempt. It's a little different than wearing a hair net in a packing plant to prevent hairs from falling in product, this is someone's life you are putting at risk because their blood work is shit.

Rain came in thick, made the city look foggy! Hard to see in the picture but normally you can see clear across it.

Some of the pics are blurry but they are pictures none the less.

You can see her arm where they poked her on Friday trying to find a vein. The cylindrically shaped one closer to her wrist. The circular one higher up was from chemo last Tuesday.