Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chemo - Round 2

Chemotherapy treatment begins in Red Deer and the Cancer Centre 1130.

Met with NP who would be liason in Red Deer for Dr. Fenton.

IV was difficult to start due to previous chemotherapy and IV access only permitted in right arm because of lymph node removal under left arm and high risk of lymphedema.

Mom suffered an intense allergic reaction to Taxotare(docetaxel). We were informed prior to watch for warning signs. Allergic reaction starts as severe back pain, and then causing shortness of breath. BP read around 175/102 and she was put on oxygen. Upper lip swelled a bit and IV hand had turned a bit red. The affects were countered with Benadryl and steroids to reduce allergic reaction and blood pressure repectively. Slow reintroduction of taxotare to the body followed. Subsequent chemotherapy treatments will begin with dose of benadryl and then introduction of taxotare.

Throughout the treatment we tried to play cribbage(although there were a few distractions...). We managed to complete one and a half games. Mom became tired halfway through the second (mainly due to the benadryl) so we quit and I let her rest.

We left the centre around 4.
Hoping the next treatment goes more smoothly.