Sunday, June 20, 2010


Rough weekend. Mom's is in alot of pain due to the constipation. I've stayed with her most of the time and encouraged her to receive pain meds and reminded her that she needs to request them sooner than later because it takes time. Time for the nurse to respond to her request, time for her to draw the meds, time for the meds to be adminitered and finally time for the meds to start working so she doesn't have to be in the agony she has been. She did hear me on this one and she tended to request drugs on a more frequent basis. I understand her not wanting to take so many pain killers but there are times when we require them. We've been out walking a bit, just down the hallway. Hoping the guts start moving soon, they've been giving her a tonne of laxatives. Really wish Dr. Ferris was here. Really worried. We asked to have her chart brought up from when she was admitted in December and asked Dr. Graham if he was considering consulting with Dr. Ferris.
We'll see what happens, I just need to have a little more patience? It's been 2 days in hospital though, and 5 days since onset. I don't know what I need, I know I want her to stop being in pain.