Thursday, November 18, 2010

Surprise! The final dose of IV poison was.... TWO WEEKS AGO!

On Tuesday at 0930 Mom had another CT Scan and blood gas performed.
I had gone hunting with Mike in the morning and returned home after hunting to find her shoveling our massive driveway. By this I was not happy, and I didn't hide it. Whether or not she was feeling better didn't matter to me, we hadn't received results from the doctor yet so I felt it was a bit reckless to be exerting a ton of energy pushing snow. I was really upset.

Yesterday (Wednesday) We made the trek up to the oncologist in Edmonton yesterday to consult on the results of Mom's CT scans.

It was a snowy wintery day - the first of the year, but we made the trek ok. Only one alarming incident on the way home. We were almost over the Leduc overpasses and I pulled into let someone pass. He passed, switched lanes and then almost spun out (and would have taken another car with him). He managed to get control of his truck and pulled off the road immediately, where I am sure he had to change his shorts. He was going too fast anyway.

There was nothing conclusive from her scans, so upon further consultation with his colleagues the oncologist suspects Mom was having an allergic reaction to the chemotherapy drugs. Apparently some side effects can manifest in the days following the treatment and that was what was causing the problems with her breathing.

Being that this is the case, it has been decided that Mom will NOT be receiving a 6th round of chemotherapy due to the likely event that she could have an anaphalactic reaction, which could be fatal. SO CHEMOTHERAPY IS OVER!!! YAY!

There is no evidence of fluid around the heart, or lungs so that is reassuring. I guess that can happen with the docetaxel. I wasn't out of line to suspect something SERIOUS going on. At least it has subsided and her SATS are back in the normal range.

It wasn't until we were on the way home that it hit me that she is done chemotherapy. It's been rough on her! Even the Doctor said that a lot of people would not have survived what she went through.

I'll never understand unsolicited *advice*. I write *advice* because it's not advice. Having someone who really doesn't know my mother tell me she is independent (BIGGEST DUH MOMENT OF THE YEAR) is crap. Correction this person said "us older folks" - and I almost burst out laughing. I don't live in a bubble, and I was never raised in a bubble. I know who my mother is and what she has done. She's been independent since the umbilical cord was cut.

To say I didn't want to totally lose it on this person would be a lie, but rational thinking took over and I just kept my mouth shut because honestly? it's not worth it. This person didn't even know the circumstances under which I had reason to be upset with Mom. Wouldn't you be upset if your parent was put on oxygen because her blood wasn't being oxygenated so she was literally GASPING for air and then you found her shoveling a massive driveway before we had results from the doctor? Blargh. 'Nuff said.

Mom's hair should start to grow back, and she shouldn't lose her nails now.


Meeting with the surgeon in Edmonton November 22 and we will find out when Mom's next exploratory surgery will be.