Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I fail to understand why the pharmacy is asking Mom what she needs.

Don't you have the prescriptions? Why don't you just follow them!

And with Mom and her "chemo-brain" as she calls it. Talk about confusion. Took me 20 minutes to sort out the crap she has -and I am not having to poison every cell in my body.
They all have different instructions, and they might as well all have the same name. The pharmacy expects her to know what she needs? C'mon. This is why she hasn't taken cipro since she was out of the hospital - because you aren't refilling her prescriptions. Bleh. Or maybe someone needs to stop telling them what she needs and let them look it up.

Now Mom has extra of some drugs -- when she shouldn't! $$$
No wonder the elderly are so screwed up with the millions of meds they get to take.