Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dr. Dabbs Surgery

Surgery, Lt "Mastectomy" and Lymph node removal. I use " " because is it really possible to have a mastectomy twice on the same side? No, because it is a term associated with the breast, and Mom already lost that breast in 1995.

Today was really hard.

Michael drove us up to the hospital and we checked in and waited. Signed final consent forms and stuff, and then waited. There was a bit of a wait, but that was OK. Things don't always go as planned in surgeries.

They let me accompany Mom all the way into the OR waiting room. I never had that opportunity the last time Mom was diagnosed with Cancer - of course I was also 15, and it was 1995. I maintained composure for most of the time. Dr. Dabbs came in and explained what she was going to do to Mom. I turned away, as I didn't want to infringe on Mom's privacy. The anaesthesiologist also came in and spoke with Mom. It's nice, to remind people that they will be working on People and not... objects. I stayed with Mom until it was time, it came up suddenly really. The nurse came in and he asked Mom identification questions and they were ready to go... so I said I love you and walked away... I barely made it two steps before I started crying my eyes out. So scared.

I was thankful Michael came with me (even though his employer flew a technicality card and wouldn't allow him to use a family illness day) to occupy me while Mom was in surgery. We headed out of the hospital and went to Whyte Ave. Had lunch and Canada Tap House. Best chicken wings ever. Was a good distraction there. Awesome pictures and historical stuff for Canada. Then I dragged Mike up and down Whyte Ave into some of the shops. Even found a place for a buddy of ours.

Went back to the hospital. Mom was really groggy, but I was relieved she made it back alive. We didn't stay too too long. I sat for a bit with her but rest was all she was going to be able to do and she was in the place she needed to be.