Monday, October 18, 2010


Well we went on a trip - to Cape Cod!!

The doctor said there was really no risk - as he wasn't concerned with Mom catching a virus. He is more concerned with her catching a bacteria. So off we went!

I do wish people would use their head and when someone tells you just to sit down you don't make a big deal about it that they listen. Do you really think we'd be there if there was an issue? Cancer may be a horrible condition and it may beat down your immunity but you don't need to act like you can't be near the person. Time to take a refresher on how bugs are spread! Besides which - I'm the one that came home with a cold! Haha

Secondly some people need to shut up and if you need to be rude-do it to the face of the person, not when they walk away and then say it to the partner of someone else! I don't care if you have done the same things I have and in your opinion did it better. My ears were bleeding!!!! How about you Mike? Anyway enough on that.

I am so glad Mom was up to going. She was able to see Sarah get married and got to see my cousins whom she hasn't seen in awhile and of course her sister Clare who she hasn't seen in 4 years or something and her husband Alec! She even got to see her brother and his wife. It was an excellent trip, albeit short and something she really needed. Somewhere to just lay back and chillax and not have to work on her vacation.

Mom returned to Alberta on the 11th of October as her next treatment was booked for Wednesday and needed to visit the Dr. on Tuesday.

Chemo went ahead as scheduled. We thought it might be delayed but her blood work actually improved this round so that is a positive. Suffered from nausea again.

Two more rounds to go.