Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Healing time

Well for the past few weeks since Mom has been home we've just been waiting for her to heal. Homecare comes daily to clean her wound.

Mom has always wanted a sunroom so has now signed a contract for that to be completed.

Dr. Fenton called yesterday and left a message checking on her.

She is not due back to see Dr. Hardy here until next week, but it is anticipated that she will start chemo again the following week.

We haven't really done much. Drove down to Diamond Valley a couple weekends ago pretty much just to get my Mom a Malt. Malt's are good. Why did they faze out?

I (along with some other people) got laid off from the greenhouse as there was nothing to do. Really bad season. They said they would like me back in September though? Who knows. I am in the process of dropping off resumes again. Not that I have much faith that that will result in a job, it sure didn't last summer.

Here is some pictures from the past few weeks.